Sarah Jessica Parker ambushed by animal rights activists in her new store

Sarah Jessica Parker unveils her dedicated beach closet as representation of her Deauville Talent Award during the 44th Deauville American Film Festival in Deauville, France. Credit: Franck Castel/ News Pictures/

(CIRCA) -- Sarah Jessica Parker was eviscerated by animal rights activists at the grand opening of her new Manhattan shoe store, DailyMailTV reports.

In a video, the protesters can be seen interrogating Parker with questions such as "How do you feel about rocking fur in every single one of your coats?" They also called out her husband, saying "You're going to tell your husband and all the coyotes that get trapped and killed for fur coats as well?

Parker, visibly flustered, responds "I stand..I totally...I stand informed, and I really appreciate it," to which the angry woman says "I understand you're informed about it, but that's not enough."

The Sex and the City star tried reasoning with the woman, but the conversation abruptly ended as advocates around the store began loudly shouting "fur trade, death trade."

Parker has not commented publicly on the incident.