10 Animals rescued, more at large after Jefferson County eviction

Precious puppy rescue from Jefferson hoarding.jpg

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Wis. - The Jefferson County Humane Society rescued five dogs and five cats Thursday after a woman was evicted from her home.

The humane society said the woman kept dozens of animals there. Aside from the rescues, a 1-week-old kitten was found dead and an old, blind, deaf husky with a visible growth had to be euthanized on scene. Two horses will stay on the property and be taken care of because the shelter can’t house large animals.

Legally, because the animals are her property, the woman was still able to bring five dogs and eight guinea pigs with her, which was a bittersweet ending for assisting veterinarian Kellie Kuzdas.

“The animals we were able to bring to the shelter, they just won the lottery,” Kuzdas said. “I don't know if that woman has a place to spend the night tonight. I don't know where she's going, and those five dogs and eight guinea pigs, I don't know what's going to happen to them.”

Kuzdas said she doesn’t want to judge the woman, but she knows this has happened before and likely will happen again. As far as Kuzdas knows, the woman did nothing wrong by the law.

“If laws are changed and we require people to be responsible, spay and neuter, and that there are penalties, I think there actually is a way that you can make a difference,” she said.

But she said she doesn’t know if it’s a perfect fix, so instead she focuses on the positives: the rescues she is able to make and the light she can shine in their lives.

“The animals don't have a choice,” Kuzdas said. “They don't have a choice in any of this. And so it's up to us to make a change in their lives.”