5 baby raccoons rescued from bag in dumpster, org says

baby raccoon 2 Wisconsin.jpg

MADISON, Wis. - A group of baby raccoons was rescued from a dumpster in Madison on Thursday night, an animal rehabilitation organization said.

Wisconsin WildCare in Lodi said Madison police contacted the nonprofit to help with five kits that were found by a woman walking near the dumpster.

According to WildCare, the kits were found alive in a bag, but their mother was discovered dead in a separate bag nearby. Officials said the raccoon had died from blunt trauma.

A Madison police sergeant kept the raccoon babies warm in his vehicle until a WildCare representative picked them up.

The babies are being cared for by an intake volunteer who will help stabilize them and pass them to an in-home foster volunteer for rehabilitation until they can be released, WildCare said.

The organization thanked Madison police and Sgt. Matt Baker for "taking care of some of the most vulnerable residents of our city."

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