Barron School District Admin. thanks Jayme Closs for her courage

jayme closs from CBSpkg.jpg

BARRON, Wis. - The Superintendent of Barron Area Schools is calling Jayme Closs an "extraordinary young lady" after escaping an alleged captor in northern Wisconsin Thursday.

13-year-old Closs was found alive Thursday afternoon in Douglas County after disappearing from the home where her parents were murdered nearly 90 days ago. Residents in the town of Gordon, some 65 miles north of Barron, said Closs found a woman walking her dog and said she'd been abducted and her parents killed. Jacob Thomas Patterson, 21, is now facing charges in the incident.

Dianne Tremblay called it a "glorious day" in Barron at a news conference Friday.

"It has been 88 days of hope for her safe return, 88 days of prayers for Jayme, her family, friends, students, staff, and community, 88 days of faith that our authorities would never give up and they certainly did not," Tremblay said.

Echoing others at the news conference, Tremblay said she simply couldn't believe that Jayme had survived.

"We want to thank Jayme for being so courageous and achieving an opportunity to find her way back to us," Tremblay said. "What an extraordinary young lady."

Tremblay says the Wisconsin Department of Justice Office of School Safety had partnered to ensure the district received support they needed to feel safe, including school psychologists, therapy dogs, resource officers and emergency management help.

When asked if the district would hold a celebration in Jayme's honor, Tremblay said, "You better believe it."

"Jayme, we missed you and are so grateful you are home," Tremblay said.