Beloit approves new city logo, not everyone pleased


BELOIT, Wis. - The Beloit City Council approved a new logo, but not everyone in the community is happy with the design.

“The new logo, when I saw it, I just did not think it represented Beloit well at all,” Tracy Bliss said. “It says nothing about our history or the diversity without our city.”

Bliss was born and raised in Beloit and now is raising her own family there.

“The community is known for always coming together, so I just feel like there’s so much more potential that maybe a local artist could portray in a new logo,” she said.

Beloit City Council member Clinton Anderson said the city has been working to find a new logo since last fall. The new logo would go on everything from city vehicles to trash cans.

“The city’s rationale behind this is that they want to have unity and have a rebrand of the image of the city of Beloit,” he said.

There are several logos that are being used in the city right now: the traditional “Flying B” and one where “Beloit” is italicized.

“They want to try and get us to have one traditional logo that everyone can identify with as Beloit,” Anderson said.

The city spent $20,000 on the new design; $15,000 was for the original cost to design the logo and $5,000 was for modifications that the council approved.

“This is the city I grew up in, and I just feel like the logo, especially for that amount of money, should just be really amazing,” Bliss said.

She’s a graphic designer and spoke at the council meeting Monday night, offering to help the design company, based in Pewaukee, and also come up with six new logo designs on her own.

“I spent a little time researching different historical buildings in Beloit or things in Beloit that were worth mentioning and logo-worthy,” Bliss said.

She also started a Facebook page called “BELOIT LOGO A NO-GO.”

“I’m hoping to get a large group of people at the next city council meeting and just to get up during the citizen comments. We have up to three minutes each to kind of talk about the logo,” Bliss said. “Maybe if there’s enough pushback, we can do something different.”

Even though the council already approved the new logo, Bliss said she plans on presenting her new designs to the city council at its next meeting June 5.

Beloit also tried to redesign the logo in 2014. The city spent about $95,000 on the new design, but the city council denied it.