Bridge construction in downtown Janesville months behind schedule

Janesville Bridge.JPG

JANESVILE, Wis. - Completion of the construction on the Milwaukee Street bridge in downtown Janesville will be delayed until at least late October, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

According to Michael Bie, who works in the office of public affairs for the DOT, the delays are due to a number of weather events, including record high water levels in the fall and spring and severe winter weather.

"The DOT is monitoring the project and will be meeting with the contractor," said Bie in a written statement. "It is our desire to see the project completed at the earliest feasible time."

Business owners on Milwaukee street, including Judy Shumway, who owns the Glass Garden, said the construction has been tough on their sales.

"I’ve had customers who I’ve seen out and about and they’ll say ‘I was there yesterday but I couldn’t find a parking spot so I went home,'" Shumway said.

Shumway said other customers have already told her they won't visit the store until the construction has been completed

The construction started last fall and was orignially scheduled to end in June. Shumway said she and other business owners were promised monthly progress emails but she said she hasn't been getting one each month.

Shumway said that, during the last few weeks, she's been frustrated with the lack of progress.

"I heard they were supposed to be working six days a week. I have not noticed that," she said.

She said that, in the summer, she relies on foot traffic for people to discover her store. With construction now scheduled to go well into the fall, she said she's already looking forward to next summer.

"We have classes scheduled, but they’re not going to fill," she said. "People really have to make an effort to get here."