Citizen helps crash victim, nominated for police award

Madison police 3.jpg

MADISON, Wis. - The Madison Police Department nominated a 22-year-old, Monroe St. resident for a citizen recognition award after she climbed into a crashed car to provide first aid to a 70-year old man who had just plowed through cement barriers Friday on the 1600 block of Monroe Street.

After crashing into the barriers, the man jumped a curb, smashed into a full bike rack, nicked the corner of an apartment building and hit a tree. Although he was not injured from the accident, he suffered from a medical emergency.

While the man was pinned inside the car, a passerby smashed out the window and allowed her to get in. She would later tell the responding police that she is trained in both first aid and CPR.

She assessed the man’s needs and unbuckled his seat belt, which seemed to be making it hard for him to breath. She noted that he had no fractures, but she could see the man’s lips and tongue were swollen and blue. She comforted the man until paramedics arrive.

When a responding officer arrived, he thanked her for her professionalism, thoroughness and composure.