City of Madison tests parking-protected bike lane, asks for public input


MADISON, Wis. - City officials are asking for the public's input on the city's first parking-protected bike lane on North Bassett Street, according to a news release.

Parking-protected bike lanes use parked vehicles and posts to act as a barrier between cyclists and motor vehicles driving on the street. Officials said protected lanes are safer for the cycling community, but also require increased mindfulness from the public to change current road-use habits.

Citing success in places such as Minneapolis and Portland, Oregon, city officials are considering expanding the new bike lanes throughout the city, according to the release.

The year-long trial period will take place on the 100 and 10 blocks of North Bassett Street, to examine how the street is maintained during plowing, street sweeping and trash collection, according to the release. Data collected during the trial will be used to help the city plan and design future locations for parking-protected bike lanes.

The public is invited to submit comments on all aspects of the new bike lane to City of Madison Pedestrian and Bicycle Administrator Renee Callaway at