City of Madison will reimburse homeowners for mailboxes damaged by snowplows


MADISON, Wis. - The city of Madison will reimburse homeowners up to $75 for mailboxes damaged by snowplows.

Record snowfall this winter led the snowplows to be dispatched a lot this winter, and some may have hit mailboxes while keeping the roads clear. City residents can be reimbursed for repairs or replacement if they believe a city snowplow driver caused damage to their mailbox.

"We never want it to happen at all," Bryan Johnson, Madison Streets Division, said. "It's really just an unfortunate byproduct of plowing those streets as wide as possible to make them safe for all roadway users."

To qualify for reimbursement, homeowners must report the damaged mailbox to the city and meet two criteria: one, the mailbox must be found to have been damaged by a city snowplow driver; and, two, it must meet the United States Postal Service mailbox installation regulations.

Mailboxes must be 6 to 8 inches back from the curb and between 41 and 45 inches from the ground, per USPS regulations.

Homeowners who report damaged mailboxes will be informed via mail of the city's reimbursement decision after inspection and should keep all related receipts. Read the full replacement policy here.