Clogged drain at Rock County Jail turns out to be drugs flushed down the toilet

rock county jail toilet.jpg

A clogged drain at the Rock County Sheriff's Office turned out to be drugs an inmate coming in for booking attempted to flush down the toilet, says the jail's commander.

According to Cmdr. Craig Strouse, drugs being disposed of in the jail's booking toilet is rather common.

"Every six months, we’ll have a plumbing issue to a degree back in booking," he said.

Strouse said it's likely the result of the drugs being smuggled into the jail.

"An arresting officer obviously brought someone in here that was holding on to drugs, they didn’t find it in their pat down, we didn’t find it in our pat down, they probably got nervous and said, ‘Oh my God, I’m in this jail,'" Strouse said. "So before they changed into jail uniform they’re in a waiting room, they ask to go use the restroom and they flush it down the toilet."

Strouse said although inmates are patted down before booking, sometimes they can sneak things by officers.

"Whether they put them into some type of body cavity we can’t search, swallowed and puked back up, or come in with some other manner, drugs get into jail," he said.

Rather than resort to full body scanners or strip searches, Strouse said the department will continue its rehabilitation and prevention measures.

"I think we’re trying to move the needle a little bit each day," he said. "So we’re trying to get better at finding it, re-entering people into society, rehab for people."

He said the issue with drugs in the jail is reflective of a larger issue statewide.

"I don’t think a lot of people sign up to be addicted to drugs. There’s got to be some compassion for what these people are going through, the crimes they may commit and the victims that may happen," he said.