Colton's home run: Toddler makes miraculous recovery after baseball going 80 mph fractures

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COTTAGE GROVE, Wis. - Katrina and Jeremy Jones don't take any moments for granted with their 15-month-old son, Colton.

The family was at a baseball game in Utica two weeks ago for a fun family outing when Colton was hit with a baseball going 80 mph.

"Basically a line drive kind of went off the edge of the bat and went right around everything, through everybody and just hit him on the side of the head," Katrina Jones said.

The game was only three innings in when Colton was hit. Katrina Jones said he started screaming and she knew, "We need to get him medical care like right now."

Time was of the essence. After a call to 911, medical staff stepped up to the plate, and Colton was flown to the University of Wisconsin Hospital by a helicopter.

"When he was starting to pass out I was afraid we were just going to watch him die right in front of us," Katrina Jones said.

Pediatric neurosurgeon James Stadler would be one of many who would try to help Colton make it home.

"There was concern about the fact that it both injured the skull and had a good-size fracture with that, as well as some bleeding underneath that was starting to put pressure on the brain," Stadler said.

Colton went through emergency neurological surgery. The Jones family could only hope that Colton would survive.

"It's like fear and panic, but I wanted to keep it together," Katrina Jones said.

For two days, they waited for some sign of life, and finally he was able to open his eyes and play with toys.

"From the surgery itself, he really bounced back quite well," Stadler said. "It was really only a couple days in the hospital that he needed after the surgery was done."

Colton made it home.

"I was just so thankful that there were people there to help save our son," Katrina Jones said. "I think time was a pretty critical thing. I'm just glad we still have him and that he's OK."

The family has a GoFundMe page set up to assist with their medical bills. If you would like to help the family, you can donate here.