Dashcam: Drunken driver in wrong lane forces cars off road

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drunk driver

The Grant County Sheriff's Department is sharing an important message with drivers after seeing footage of an alleged drunken driver in the area.

The Fennimore Police Department released footage of an alleged drunken driver on the wrong side of the road Thursday night.

"This incident exemplifies the dangers of drunken driving," Sheriff Nate Dreckman said in a Facebook post. "This could have ended much worse, had not other drivers been paying attention and had someone not called 911."

The Grant County Dispatch Center received a complaint regarding an erratic driver at 10:40 p.m. Thursday. Authorities stopped the vehicle on Highway 61, south of Fennimore.

Before stopping the driver, a Fennimore police officer and Grant County sheriff's deputy witnessed him driving north in the southbound lane of traffic.

The dashcam video shows other cars forced off the road to avoid a collision.

Authorities arrested 58-year-old Timothy Campbell, of Baraboo, on suspicion of his third OWI offense.

"There are resources out there if you've had too much to drink," Dreckman said. He listed services such as Roadcrew, Safe Ride and taxi services. "Please utilize them, as we all want you to get home safely," he said.

In a Facebook post, the Fennimore Police Department thanked the caller for reporting the erratic driver before an accident occurred.