Democratic presidential candidate visits Madison, addresses issues facing nation


MADISON, Wis. - Julian Castro, a Democratic presidential candidate, and his twin brother, Rep. Joaquin Castro, attended a discussion on political policy at the Cap Times Idea Fest at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, on Saturday.

The brothers spoke about issues facing the nation, the presidential debates and shared childhood stories.

Both brothers weighed in on the issue of immigration, and Julian Castro offered his approach to immigrants illegally crossing the border.

"In my vision of things, when somebody crosses the border without permission, it would still be against the law. It would just be enforced in a civil procedure and not a criminal one," Castro said.

Castro said Wisconsin residents can still be active in the issue, despite not being a border state, by using their voices to speak out about different perspectives and taking their opinions to the voting booth.

"Obviously, the way people vote is the most important thing and to get people out to vote," Castro said. "We absolutely, no matter what happens in 2020, have to defeat Donald Trump so we can have a different president."

Another issue presented in the discussion was gun control. Castro said his policy to "disarm hate" includes universal background checks, an assault weapons ban, a seven-day waiting period, limiting the capacity of magazines and increasing taxes on guns and ammunition.

"A lot of the gun violence that happens is not only in the mass shooting context. That's not the most of it," Castro said. "Most of it happens in our neighborhoods. Joaquin and I grew up in these neighborhoods where it was not uncommon to hear gunshots in the neighborhood."

On the issue of homelessness, Castro says he plans to put an end to the problem by 2028 by working with state and city leaders on policies that actually work.