Dodge County Sheriff's Office warns people about recent scam

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DODGE COUNTY, Wis. - The Dodge County Sheriff's Office is warning people about a recent scam in which someone makes phone calls claiming to be a ranking official with the office and seeking payments to settle warrants.

According to a news release, the person on the line provides a fake phone number, which they then answer claiming to be the Sheriff's Office, and they may have an answering machine set up.

Officials said the individual makes "false allegations that the citizens has a warrant and attempts to scare them into making payments," according to the release.

Another version of the scam involves threats that the citizen missed a juror assignment or that they have a warrant, police said.

The office said it would never a call a citizen and ask them to pay for a warrant over the phone.

If someone does need to a pay a warrant, officials said it can be paid in person at the Clerk of Courts office or at the Dodge County Jail.