Eagle suffering pesticide toxicity found Saturday

Eagle toxicity cropped.JPG

SAUK COUNTY, Wis. - A young bald eagle with pesticide poisoning was transported Sunday evening to the Dane County Humane Society‘s Wildlife Center.

The Sauk County Humane Society found the bird floundering on a trail in the woods, according to a Facebook post.

At the time, the organization was unsure of his injuries and if he was suffering from lead poisoning.

Sauk County then transported him to the Wildlife Center for proper treatment.

After consulting with Dr. Ratliff from UW Veterinary Service's Special Species Service and giving the eagle an intake exam, the Wildlife Center said in a Facebook post that he is suffering from organophosphate and carbamate toxicity.

Organophosphate and carbamate are compounds commonly used in pesticides, according to the Wildlife Center.

The center said eagles may be exposed to these chemicals from feeding on smaller animals who likely consumed vegetation treated with these toxic pesticides.

According to the post, the eagle also tested positive for mildly elevated levels of lead and was emaciated and severely hypoglycemic.

The center said the eagle has a lot to overcome.