Edgerton police push for removal of junk cars, amidst growing dumping issue in Rock County

Junk cars.jpg

EDGERTON, Wis. - Police in the city of Edgerton are warning residents to remove broken-down cars from their property.

In a Facebook post Monday, police reminded residents that it's illegal to leave broken-down cars on private property for longer than five days.

"It devalues property around it," said Edgerton Police Chief Bob Kowalski. "You have vehicles that are sitting there, weeds growing around it, bumpers are hanging off, hoods are off."

Kowalksi said the department is trying to have grace with homeowners by warning them about the issue before beginning to hand out tickets. He said the city plans to take more action in the next month if cars aren't moved.

"Call us," he said. "If you get a letter, call us, and we'll work with you on this. We're not being heavy-handed. We want to work with the community."

Kowalski said it's about taking pride in the community. Recently, the city became the latest victim to the ongoing issue of illegal dumping in Rock County.

"That's just ignorant on an individual's part to just dump their garbage there," Kowalski said regarding a fridge of rotten food recently dumped in the city. "This a great area. We just want to keep it great."

Kowalski said if homeowners do not comply with the request to move the vehicles, they can face fines upward of $100 and run the risk of their car being towed.