'I don't trust them': Town of Beloit woman says her yard was destroyed by construction pro


Town of Beloit- Ann Gates and Curt Pizza say they were recently presented an unwelcome surprise upon returning to the Town of Beloit after a vacation.

"We were gone and they dug up our front yard," said Pizza. "We came back, and it was just like a half-pipe."

Pizza said he and Gates had been aware the project was coming since March, but didn't anticipate there being any damage to their property.

"I asked if there was going to be a nice even slope so I could use the riding mower on it," Pizza said. "And they said yes."

The project, meant to install new roadside sewers, however, did not leave an even slope, Pizza says.

"I don't know about you, but I can't mow at a 70-degree angle," he said.

Since seeing the hole in their yard, Gates and Pizza say they have made dozens of calls to both the town and the contractors. They say they haven't gotten any answers.

"I've never had any problems with anybody in the township before now," Gates said. "It's just like they want me to sweep it under the carpet and pretend like it doesn't exist."

Gates says she has made multiple efforts to contact the company in charge, R. H. Batterman.

Company president Frank McKearn said in a statement on Wednesday that the company has taken multiple calls from residents concerned with the project, but put the blame on the contractor hired to do the job.

"It's unfortunate that the contractor is performing slowly," McKearn said.

Gates and Pizza say they just want the issue fixed.

"I'm not out to get any money like that or anything else from the township," Gates said. "I just want them to bring in some dirt and fill the holes that they've created."