Janesville gets $150K grant for Monterey Dam project

Monterry Dam Project.jpg

JANESVILLE, Wis. - The city of Janesville is continuing to move forward with developments at the former Monterey Dam site, and now the city is getting an extra financial boost.

On Thursday, Janesville announced the Department of Natural Resources would be contributing another $150,000 dollars towards the dam project.

Since the city announced the dam would be removed in February of 2017, more than $500,000 dollars in grant money has contributed to the project.

The latest grant would go towards making the scheduled improvements at the site, including creating a new fishing habitat, a handicapped fishing area, and a canoe launch.

The grant came as a surprise to the city, which already had devoted money from next year's budget to the project.

"We had not planned on getting this," said Paul Woodard, director of Public Works for the city of Janesville. "I think it shows that the DNR is really a partner in removing the dam."

Woodard says this might not be the last bit of grant money devoted to the project, as he says the city plans to apply for a grant to put towards municipal flood control. Woodard says that grant could total up to $400,000.