'Like losing a friend': Severe weather collapses barn, uproots tree on farm in Iowa County


COBB, Wis. - Severe weather that passed through Iowa County devastated a family farm in the Village of Cobb.

Chase Moen-Hines was just pulling in when the storm hit. He parked a semitruck in a shed and waited inside until the storm passed. When he came out he saw how the storm had devastated the property.

A barn collapsed onto a $300,000 combine, a large tree on the property was uprooted and there were debris everywhere, according to Moen-Hines.

"It was the craziest storm I had ever been in," he said. "It wrecked the afternoon."

Despite the craziness, Moen-Hines doesn't know if it was a tornado that passed through.

His insurance agent, on the other hand, is convinced it was. The agent told the farmer the damage was likely caused by a tornado because of the way things "snapped and twisted."

The National Weather Service has not surveyed the damage to determine whether or not there was tornado.

Lloyd Moen was also on the farm when the storm passed through. What he remembers most about it was the rain.

"The storm was coming, it was raining, so I took to the house for cover and took my dogs in," Moen said. "Just like that a wall of water blocked my view."

Moen said just moments after the storm passed through it cleared. The farm had received 1 inch of rain in only about 10 minutes.

Moen has worked at the farm at 1102 Willow Springs Road for 47 years. For him losing the barn was like losing a friend.

"The barn was here, and now it's not," Lloyd Moen said. "It’s like losing a friend in a way. It’s been a part of my life, part of the scenery here."

Moen-Hines and Moen said cleanup on the property will likely start tomorrow.

"We’ll figure out what to do next tomorrow I guess," Moen said.