Local farmers have mixed feelings about first freeze

frozen wet crops field farm.JPG

Belleville, WI - Belleville dairy farmer Cory Brown, like many local farmers, can't seem to catch a break this year.

"We're stuck on the fence, with a boulder on each side," Brown said. “And we have to jump one way or the other."

Part of him is welcoming the sub-freezing temperatures to southern Wisconsin Thursday night.

“To harvest our soybeans and our grain corn, we can't do that until the ground dries out or freezes."

The cold temperatures would allow farmers to get their equipment through the formerly saturated fields.

However, on the other hand, a hard freeze would be the latest setback for Brown's alfalfa cut, already two months behind schedule because of the rain, and a key component of his feed.

"The remaining quality of the crop will go downhill quickly and will be almost useless to us," he explained.

Add a 50-degree temperature swing in the span of three days, and Brown has to do all he can to keep himself from having a cow.

"We’ve been removing water from our sprinkler systems and getting heaters into our water pump houses and water troughs to keep them from freezing.”

“So it's a major switchover in a short period of time."

All of these events, when put together, make for a weather year he won't forget anytime soon.

"I haven't talked to a single person who says they've seen weather like this before," Brown said.