Local mom wants bus stop moved, citing safety concerns

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MADISON, Wis. - Dane County deputies are trying to cut down on the number of people who pass by school buses, but one local mother wants it to go farther.

The practice comes with a pretty big fine, at $326.50 for your first violation. It also takes four points off your driver's license, meaning a bump in insurance costs. But more important is the safety problem it poses.

"Our biggest concern is safety," said Elise Schaffer with the Dane County Sheriff's Office. "We'd hate to see anybody get hurt ,and I'd think most drivers wouldn't want to be in that situation."

Joy Foust lives outside Cottage Grove and sees cars speed past the bus stop at the end of her driveway too often. She wants Nelson Bus Service and the school district to change the stop - either by altering the route so her kids don't have to walk across the street to get to their house, or by allowing the bus to pull into their driveway to drop the kids off.

The bus service declined to do so, citing a study by Dane County deputies that found the street was not unsafe. Nelson did not want to go on camera but told News 3 it is constantly looking for ways to keep kids safe, including implementation of new cameras with higher definition video to catch offenders who don't stop behind buses.

Foust still wants more to be done.

"All it's going to take is that one time," she said. "But eventually it will happen, and it's like Russian roulette with [my kids'] lives."