Man kicks arresting officer unconscious; Woman instigates violence

Olivia Boomsma Jacob Hellenbrand.jpg
Olivia Boomsma and Jacob Hellenbrand

PORTAGE, Wis. - One Portage police officer was knocked unconscious and another officer was injured during an arrest Sunday night, officials said.

The Portage Police Department said the two officers were trying to arrest 21-year-old Jacob R. Hellenbrand, of Waunakee, on a probation and parole violation Sunday.

According to the report, 21-year-old Olivia J. Boomsma, of Rio, instigated the attack by punching one of the Portage officers multiple times while he was attempting to place Hellenbrand into handcuffs. The officers suffered swelling and bruising to his left eye.

During the struggle, a police sergeant came to the officer's aid and attempted to restrain Boomsma on the ground. While Hellenbrand was being stabilized against the wall of a building, he kicked the sergeant on the right side of his face and head, causing the sergeant to lose consciousness.

"This young man wearing boots, I mean to kick somebody so hard to knock them unconscious for over 2 minutes, that shows a high degree of reckless endangerment," said Police Chief Ken Manthey.

Vanessa Guerra, an off-duty medical assistant from Divine Savior Hospital, saw the struggle and that the sergeant was unconscious.

"It happened so fast but all I really just remember is seeing an officer down and just seeing two people that needed help," said Guerra.

While the medical assistant was checking on the sergeant, she realized Boomsma was beginning to fight with the officer again, and that Boomsma was yelling about having a knife in her pocket. Guerra was concerned that Boomsma was going to stab the officer or the unconscious sergeant, so she body slammed her and held her until an officer could handcuff her.

"For her to take that next step is awesome and she deserves all the recognition she can get," said Manthey.

Boomsma and Hellenbrand are facing felony charges of battery to a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest.

Hellenbrand was put on probation and sentenced to one year in jail on April 6 for hitting a motorcyclist at almost 100 mph in April of 2017. He was also charged with two counts of bail jumping, repeat offenses of possessing marijuana, and a repeat offense of causing injury while operating a vehicle under the influence.

The officer was originally responding to a reckless driving complaint when he found out Hellenbrand was on probation.

"Hopefully the probation will not release him, he needs to start serving his jail time now," said Manthey.

The officer was back at work on Monday, but the police sergeant who suffered a concussion will need to be cleared by a doctor before he can return to work.