Mineral Point woman allegedly beaten by subcontractor after she refused to pay for incompl

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A Mineral Point man is out of jail after being arrested Monday for alleged substantial battery.

Police say Jason Hanson was taken into custody after beating one of his contracting customers.

Michelle Leahy and Bubba Smith said they paid Hanson to pour concrete steps to their basement, as well as to install a concrete patio in their backyard.

However, they said the work was done so poorly, they couldn't pay for it.

"The first section of the back porch wasn’t really measured out right," Leahy said. "It was supposed to be 2 feet wider on the one side and the step wasn’t really as big as it should be."

Afterward, the contractor in charge of the project contacted them demanding the money.

"At one point he wanted his last payment," Leahy said. "I said, 'No, he’s not getting that until the work is done correctly.'"

Leahy and Smith took to Facebook to show off the incomplete work.

On Monday, they heard a knock at their back door.

"We’re sitting there, and we both heard the knock," Bubba Smith said. "She went up and got it. That's when I just heard this scream."

Leahy said it was Hanson at the door.

"Instantly he was just on me and pummeling me," she said.

Hanson was arrested after a neighbor heard the dispute and called police. Leahy suffered a fractured eye socket and torn lip, which required plastic surgery.

Leahy and Smith were upset to find out less than a week later, Hanson was out of jail.

"It's knowing that he’s out there," Smith said. "Knowing that he can come back, and do it over. Or even worse."

"It’s scary, I’m scared to death. I don’t sleep well," Leahy said.

Mineral Point police said they're still investigating what happened. Leahy and Smith said they're worried it's not enough to keep them safe.

"What is he going to do next time?" Leahy said. "If he was that angry about that, what is it going to be like when all of this comes out and he’s been arrested?"