MMSD proposes $6.1 million in safety upgrades


MADISON, Wis. - The Madison Metropolitan School District is hoping to get a cut of the Department of Justice’s $100 million school safety grant initiative.

The district wants to use the money to pay for part of a multimillion dollar security upgrade.

This week, district officials outlined their recommendations to put more than $6 million toward technology and facility upgrades. To cover the costs, the district is asking the Department of Justice for $950,000 in grant funding. The rest of the money will come from the tax incremental district, or TID.

The district wants to use $4.1 million to upgrade all indoor doors with electronic locks and $2 million to outfit exterior doors with electronic looks. The district wants to spend a little less than $500,000 on internet-connected security cameras.

Madison schools have emphasized safety, but Chad Wiese the district’s director of building and technical services said the upgrades will make their 50 facilities safer than ever before. Wiese added that additional funding needs to be put into mental health and anti-bullying campaigns.

District officials say they'll find out if they'll get the grant within the month. If all goes to plan the upgrades will start next year.