Moving back to warmer temperatures

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MADISON, WI - The old saying goes, "If you don't like the weather now, wait a few minutes."

Mark Twain may have been referring to the weather conditions in New England, but some wild changes are on the way for southern Wisconsin over the next week.

Temperatures Thursday morning started off anywhere from minus 25 to minus 40 degrees across southern Wisconsin.

The extreme cold will finally exit this weekend. Temperatures will rise above zero for the first time in three days on Friday. By the time we get to Sunday afternoon, temperatures will be about 70 degrees warmer compared to Thursday morning.

However, skies will be less than friendly during the warm-up. Freezing drizzle and fog are possible late Saturday, with light rain in the forecast for Sunday and much of Monday.

Rain could change to flurries before ending Monday night. Accumulating snow is possible Tuesday into Wednesday.

Don't get used to the warmer temperatures, however, because the bitter cold looks to return for the end of next week.

Highs will fall back to around 10 degrees by next Thursday, with subzero temperatures and wind chills of minus 15 to minus 25 resurfacing Friday morning across southern Wisconsin.

While this warm-up is mostly a good thing, there could be some problems associated with these wildly changing temperatures. We could see an increase in water main breaks across the area. There also could be some ice jams on local rivers and flooding due to rapid snow melt.

Hopefully, Mother Nature's "temper-ature tantrum" isn't too severe! Enjoy the warmer weather!