New sculpture installed on Library Mall

SCULPTURE on library mall.jpg

MADISON, Wis. - After part of it was covered with blue tarps for months, a new sculpture was completed on Library Mall.

The stone and stainless steel sculpture was designed by University of Wisconsin-Madison alumnus David Dahlquist and Matt Neibuhr of RDG Planning and Design. They designed the sculpture to represent "the confluence of ideas and cultural diversity coming together in a dynamic cause and effect relationship."

"The piece they designed kind of recognizes that flow and interaction of students, the diversity of students with the rest of the community," Madison Arts Program administrator Karin Wolf said. "They designed it to be sort of the way you would see a stone in a body of water and the way the flow goes around that island."

At night the sculpture will be illuminated with LED lights to make the granite stone appear to be floating.

The sculpture has been years in the making with the selection of artists, planning, design and final installation. An official dedication ceremony will take place by the sculpture on June 1 at 3:30.