One month later: Jayme Closs' family, community celebrates one month since escape

jayme closs smiling.jpg

BARRON, Wis. - Sunday, Feb. 10 marks exactly one month since Jayme Closs, 13, escaped her captor and found her way to safety.

The Facebook page "Healing for Jayme" posted an update and request to mark the milestone.

"Jayme is doing well. Taking it one day at a time," the page shared Saturday.

"We celebrate and ask everyone to please wear something blue. If you have one of the #Jaymazing shirts, that would be perfect. Or if you want to change your profile pictures to a blue butterfly, we could also turn Facebook blue."

Closs has been living with family in Barron after escaping from her kidnapper's home on Jan. 10. She had been kept in captivity after her parents were murdered inside their home on Oct. 15.

A GoFundMe to raise money for the family just surpassed $50,000 this week. You can donate to help Jayme's recovery here.