Police dept. donates confiscated fake UGGs, North Face jackets to Puerto Rico

uggs police confiscated.jpg

MADISON, Wis. - A Wisconsin police department is sending confiscated outerwear to Puerto Rico to donate to victims of Hurricane Maria.

The Franklin Police Department said it confiscated boxes of counterfeit UGG boots and North Face jackets during the St. Martins Fair over Labor Day Weekend.

Police said the boots and jackets were placed in evidence hold. Rather than destroying the counterfeit goods, Franklin police officials said they got permission from the legitimate corporate companies UGG and The North Face, to donate the items.

Police said this week that officers are working with Mana Ministries, a Milwaukee-based charity, to donate the items to their disaster relief drive for victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Police will turn over 40 pairs of boots and more than 310 jackets Thursday to be distributed in Puerto Rico.

Some people questioned sending the outerwear to Puerto Rico, saying the items would make more sense staying in the Milwaukee area.

Police responded by noting there are North Face and UGG stores in Puerto Rico, and the clothing brands are widely sold there.

"The department is pleased to be able to provide clothing to people, who in some cases, have lost all their personal possessions," Franklin PD wrote on its Facebook page Wednesday.