Portage man comes home to downed trees after storm passes through

DOWNED TREE portage storm.jpg

PORTAGE, Wis. - A storm passed through Portage Tuesday evening, leaving a path of broken trees behind.

Early reports showed at least three trees down on Portage’s north side, but those didn’t include the two at Forrest Gordon’s home. He was not home when the storm went through his yard, but he heard it for about 20 to 25 minutes at work.

“I got off work and came home and half my yard’s torn up,” Gordon said.

While he said he wasn’t expecting to see this when he got home, he also said people who live in Wisconsin are prepared for anything.

“If you live in Wisconsin, you have to be prepared for stuff like this,” he said. “The weather is so unpredictable. We could get snow in August.”

One tree in his front yard had a large limb ripped off, and another tree on the side of his house was blown down. There was no visible damage to Gordon’s home.

Gordon said he hopes to have the trees cleaned up by the weekend.