Pro-gun advocates rally at Capitol

gun rally.jpg
gun rally

Gun rights advocates took to the Capitol Saturday afternoon for a pro-gun rally.

Similar rallies nationwide were in response to recent March for Our Lives events.

The about 100 activists who showed up are worried the student-led protests threaten the Second Amendment.

Organizers, who are from the local chapter of the National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans, worked with police, who watched over the event.

Many attendees legally openly carried a gun.

"Just us being here shows we care,” said Mathew Timmons, who came from Milwaukee. It was his first rally, but he said it was too important to miss.

"When you start running into situations where people want to start taking rights away, you have to realize that the sole purpose of the Second Amendment is to keep all the rest of your rights,” Timmons said.

He understands why people want change after the Parkland school shooting, but he and the others at the rally were pushing back against the idea that stricter gun control is the answer.