Sears at Janesville Mall to close in February

sears Getty.jpg

JANESVILLE, Wis. - The Janesville Sears store and automotive center are likely to close on Feb. 3, 2019, according to an official with the city of Janesville.

Sears would be the second large closure at the Janesville Mall, after Boston Store closed months ago.

Janesville Economic Development Director Gale Price said that the city became aware of the possibility when Avis car rental, which operates out of the Sears' automotive center, emailed the city to inquire about finding locations for the auto rental store after Sears closes.

Price also said that he spoke to a Sears employee who said that management informed employees of the planned closure Thursday morning.

Sears Holding Corp's bankruptcy has lea to the closure of dozens of stores over the past year. Sears' list of impending closures that are due within the month does not include the Janesville store.

It is unclear how many employees might be affected by the Janesville Sears' possible closure.