'There's nothing you can do': Edgerton residents watch as floodwaters rise

Edgerton flooding.jpg

EDGERTON, Wis. - Water is getting increasingly close to buildings and homes in Edgerton.

Since late Thursday morning, Central Park has been covered in water from Saunders Creek, and the water has spread as far as Central Lutheran Church and onto Main Street, forcing city crews to close a five-block stretch of the road.

“Biggest concerns are people traveling through the high levels of water, becoming stranded,” said Jason Russ, the deputy chief of operations for the Edgerton Fire Department. And if they hit the water going too quickly, they could crash, he said.

The community helped with sandbagging efforts at Central Lutheran Church, and workers there said those efforts and the sump pump were the only two things keeping the building from flooding.

“I just try to remember it’s just a building,” said Heather Greenley, the youth director at the church. “The people in the community matter way more than the building does, so if something happens it’s just a building, and we have an amazing community that steps up and helps when we need it.”

Her acceptance is echoed in other people in town, like with Tammy Bolden, who works in a building next to the woods that get more and more flooded with passing time.

“There’s nothing you can do,” Bolden said. “You just deal with it and hope it goes down quick.”

There are two locations for Edgerton residents to get sandbags. One is at the Newville park-and-ride next to I-39/90, and the other is at the Edgerton City Garage.