Tracks in snow help officers find, arrest burglary suspect, police say

Damontae D. Tillman

MADISON, Wis. - Officers were able to track and arrest a burglary suspect using footprints in the snow early Friday, according to police.

The Madison Police Department said residents on School Road woke up at 6:51 a.m. to discover their home was being burglarized. They saw an intruder run off, and soon discovered a purse and a laptop computer were missing.

One of the first officers at the scene discovered fresh tracks with distinct shoe impressions, the report said. Officers followed the tracks, found the stolen purse dumped in a recycling bin and then spotted the same shoe impressions outside an apartment building in nearby Kennedy Heights.

Officers located 17-year-old Damontae D. Tillman, who told officers it would be "stupid" for him to burglarize the home, as he is out of jail on court-ordered electronic monitoring.

Madison police spokesman Joel DeSpain said that when officers checked where his GPS bracelet had recently been, they learned he was inside the victim's home on School Road at the time of the burglary.

"Since turning 17, and becoming an adult in the eyes of the court, Tillman has been arrested multiple times and is facing numerous charges to include theft, burglary, hit-and-run, and operating a motor vehicle without owner's consent," DeSpain said.

Tillman was arrested on suspicion of burglary and bail jumping.