UW Madison eyes changes to Camp Randall, Kohl Center and field house

UW Madison Fieldhouse plans.jpg

MADISON, Wis. - Before you can see the Badgers' volleyball team bump, set and spike their way to victory, you have to make it through the front doors, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison thinks those need a little work.

“Really the field house, it's time,” said Gary Brown, the director of campus planning. “We've been doing some interior upgrades to the field house, and the exterior really needs some work now, and we're just getting around to it at this point.”

The university already has a plan to take that curb appeal to the next level. The plan is for crews to clean and repair the exterior stone, upgrade the windows for look and energy efficiency and add a plaza for fans to hang out. They'll also build a new retaining wall out front to match the look with the field house.

“Oh I think everyone is really happy and pleased to see the upgrades, to the windows especially,” Brown said. “The doors are in OK condition, but we really want to update those and take them back to what they historically may have looked like originally in the 1930s.”

This construction is slated for next spring to be done in time for late-summer football in 2020.

Later this summer, the university will also look for upgrades to the Kohl Center and the south end zone, including offices, a weight room, student-athlete facilities and food service in the Kohl Center and extra club seats at Camp Randall.

As for the questionable Nails’ Tails statue out front, its future remains to be seen.

The university hasn't figured out what it will do, whether that means getthing rid of it, moving it, or keeping it right where it stands today.

Because the university is dealing with some historic landmarks here, they have to get approval from the landmark and historic commissions for these changes.

The plans for the Kohl Center and Camp Randall also depend on taxpayer funds in the capital budget, so we won't know what funding is available until that budget is approved later this summer.