Walker, Evers explain plans for job creation, economic development in Wisconsin

Tony Evers Scott Walker.jpg

MADISON, Wis. - Job creation and the economy are key issues heading into the Nov. 6 election in Wisconsin.

Gov. Scott Walker appeared Tuesday at an event for the state's biggest business lobbying group, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, focused on Wisconsin's business climate.

"My belief is, if you're an able-bodied working-age adult in this state, my expectation is you work at least 30 hours a week and that you're able to pass a drug test before you get assistance," Walker said in his keynote address.

His Democratic challenger, Tony Evers said Tuesday Walker's job plans focus too much on big companies and not enough on people.

"The small-business owners of the state, the entrepreneurs -- they're the ones that need the help. They're the ones that are the job creators, and so my economic development plan will be focused around that," Evers said.

Evers also criticized the deal bringing the Taiwanese company Foxconn to Wisconsin, saying it only helps bring economic development to Racine County but not the state's other counties. The deal is championed by Walker.

During his speech at the WMC event at the Monona Terrace Convention Center, Walker said he will soon discuss plans to help people get jobs when they get out of prison.

"I'd love to have every person or nearly every person about to come out of prison be connected with a skill set that will hopefully ensure that they don't come back to the system again because we know there's a place and an opportunity for everyone," Walker said.

Evers responded to that, saying the governor is ignoring the state's incarceration rate.

"He talks about getting the people that are in the correctional institutions the jobs they need. Well, there's a lot of them that probably shouldn't be in the correctional institutions to begin with," Evers told News 3.

He said his economic development plan involves getting rid of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, an agency that Walker has said was important in bringing companies to Wisconsin.