'We have to prepare': A look at active shooter training in Janesville


Police in Rock County are taking Tuesday and Wednesday to participate in active shooter training at Marshall Middle School.

Sgt. Josh Norem, of the Janesville Police Department, one of the organizers of the training, said the purpose is to practice rapid response techniques in an emergency.

"The potential chaos an officer could encounter at arrival at an event could be traumatic and overwhelming," Norem said. "We really have to hammer home and rely on our training to push through some of those challenges."

The training, which featured the use of rubber guns and mannequins, also utilized role-playing to represent an active shooter scenario.

"We use role-players a lot, and we also use simulated gunfire within the building to amp up or give the officers some sort of auditory stimulus," Norem said.

With recent shootings in California, Texas and Ohio, Norem said he understands the importance of the training.

"For me, personally, it’s a reminder to get back focusing on our training," Norem said. "It's just an unfortunate reality that we all live in today’s society. It’s happening all over the country. We’ve been lucky to this point that it hasn’t happened, but we have to prepare for when it does happen here."

Training will continue Wednesday until 5 p.m.