'Wisconsin is right at the heart of America': Sen. Elizabeth Warren campaigns for Biden


MADISON, Wis.– Both campaigns hosted rallies in Wisconsin on Saturday, but with very different styles.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren hosted a drive-in ‘Get Out The Vote’ rally, where people stayed in their cars and listened to her message through the radio.

“Wisconsin is right at the heart of America, and making the case to Wisconsin is making the case to people all across this nation,” Warren said.

Warren covered several major issues, including healthcare, equality and COVID-19, a topic close to home as Wisconsin faces record breaking case numbers. Warren said Biden has a plan that would turn those numbers around.

“The difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump on COVID couldn’t be clearer,” Warren said.

Attendee Brandon Hartman said that’s represented by the rallies hosted by each of the campaigns today.

“This is much safer because we are in our cars, we aren’t face to face,” Hartman said.

Despite staying in cars, voters are still energized by Warren.

“With the turnout that we saw for (Justice Jill) Karofsky’s election for the Supreme Court in Wisconsin, keeping that momentum going, and I think that’s really important for turning Wisconsin blue,” Hartman said.

Attendee Mary Klein said her vote is decided.

“Very excited about the election,” Klein said. “We’ve got to get rid of Trump.”

Klein said Biden’s name will be checked on her ballot for a reason unrelated to his policies.

“I believe that he is a good person,” Klein said. “I believe this election comes down to good versus evil.”

A good person is also a quality that Warren thinks would make a good president.

“We need someone who is competent and also someone who has empathy as president of the United States,” Warren said.

Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin and Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin Mandela Barnes joined Warren at the rally.

Warren also hosted a similar rally in Milwaukee on Saturday.

Trump hosted a rally in Janesville on Saturday.