'Wisconsin should be embarrassed': Evers asks Walker to veto power-stripping bills


MADISON, Wis. - Gov-elect Tony Evers says the state of Wisconsin should be embarrassed after a legislative session lasting all night ended with the full state Senate and Assembly passing several lame-duck session bills, including ones that would weaken power of the governor and attorney general.

"I do believe that Wisconsin should be embarrassed by this activity," Evers said. He later added, "I view what was passed as, frankly, a hot mess, and together all of it is, I think, a dangerous precedent."

Evers said his main goal is making sure Gov. Scott Walker vetoes the legislation. He said he is reaching out to the governor personally, asking him not to sign the measures.

Evers said if this doesn't happen, all issues are on the table, including legal actions.

"The will of the people has officially been ignored by the Legislature," Evers said. "The fact of the matter is that the four of us won those races and the people of Wisconsin expect better from us as leaders and leaders in the Legislature than to pit people against each other."

The soon-to-be governor spoke alongside Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul, Lt. Gov.-elect Mandela Barnes and treasurer-elect Sarah Gowlewski.

The group spoke at the headquarters of the state's job creation agency, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.

Kaul said the Legislature is disregarding the votes of Wisconsinites following record-breaking election turnout on Nov. 6.

"The Legislature has decided here that it knows better, not only than the way we've been doing things recently but the way we have been doing things for generations," Kaul said. "I want to encourage Wisconsinites to continue speaking up."

Kaul added that he doesn't believe it was an accident that the bill was released on a Friday afternoon and was pushed through the legislative process quickly.

Barnes noted that Evers has said that he wants to work across the political aisle with members of the legislature when he becomes governor.

Gowlewski called the measures a "waste of time, money and energy."

Speaker Robin Vos said Wednesday morning that much of Evers' communication with him was through the media. When asked about this, Evers laughed and said he didn't know what to say.

Watch the full news conference below: