Witness recalls driving by Highway 18 crash as it happened

151 crash 2-12-18 B.jpg

VERONA, Wis. - People driving to work Monday morning were some of the first witnesses to a crash that in total involved 29 cars, killed one person and injured six others.

Sagnik De is one of those people. He was on his way in to work outside of Verona when 65 miles per hour quickly slowed to 10.

“There was some wreckage on the left side, and I thought maybe [the crash] was over or something - but no, more cars were still piling up,” he said of the scene.

De took video of the crash as it continued to happen.

“You could hear the cars crunching,” he recalled. “You could see some debris flying in the air."

“I had no idea what was happening then you see this semi coming at full speed.”

De made it to work safely and warned co-workers still coming in of the crash. Still, the start to his workweek feels a little different.

“Just felt for the people that were in there,” he said. “Different feeling on a Monday.”