Stranger gifts woman a car, helps inspire 'random acts of kindness'

Wendy Breedlove inside her new car on Jan. 10, 2018 (KATU News photo)

A 2003 model car may not sound new, but it's new to Wendy Breedlove, and to her, it's perfect.

A stranger gifted her the car after learning of her struggles.

"It's spreading glitter,” that’s how Breedlove describes giving back. It’s something she’s used to.

"If somebody needs help, help them," Breedlove said.

Giving is second nature to her, “It's just how I was raised," she explained. "My dad, you know somebody had a flat tire, he was the one that stopped and help them change it."

Now she lives his legacy. One example of her kindness, the community food drive she helps run for families in need over the holidays.

“The first year we did like 11 boxes,” Breedlove said. “This year we did 70 boxes out of this tiny living room."

She has such a huge heart, you wouldn't know she's in heart failure, "Tetralogy of fallot, the same thing that Jimmy Kimmel's son has," Breedlove said.

So, when a stranger realized Breedlove’s minivan was essentially everything but dependable, she stepped in and gave her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

"She says, ‘I'm not going to take no for an answer, I’m going to give you a car,’” Breedlove said.

Because Breedlove’s car is falling apart, making it difficult to run errands and get to doctor appointments, the donation was magical. Breedlove couldn’t be more excited about the 2003 Toyota Corolla.

"It's beautiful,” Breedlove said. “It's absolutely beautiful."

It is, and so is the generosity, but Breedlove stresses, this isn't about a car. It isn't even about her.

"It's about somebody taking the time to do something kind for another person," Breedlove said.

Breedlove thinks it's about setting examples, inspiring others and spreading kindness, or what she calls, glitter.

“[Glitter] gets stuck and it multiplies,” Breedlove said. “You can't get rid of it."

The woman who donated the car wants to keep her name private, but she's now being called "Anonymous Lady." She was so moved by the community's response to her kindness, she asked Breedlove to post this response to the Facebook group "Oregon City Chit Chat":

Breedlove also wants to spread more love. She started a Facebook group called "Random Acts of Kindness" where people can share the good things that happen to them.