Two-legged dog named Lieutenant Dan among finalists for Cadbury Bunny gig

Lieutenant Dan dog_web.jpg

A two-legged coonhound named Lieutenant Dan is a finalist for this year's Cadbury Bunny. (CNN Newsource)

(WPEC/SBG) Cadbury’s search for a spokes-bunny to promote its Easter candy this spring has yielded a crop of decidedly non-bunny-like finalists, including a two-legged coonhound from Ohio and a therapy llama from Pennsylvania.

Lieutenant Dan, named after Gary Sinese’s character in “Forrest Gump” who lost his legs in the Vietnam War, is one of 10 pets fans can choose between in the company’s annual Cadbury Bunny contest.

“Lieutenant Dan was born different, but hasn't let that slow him down! He has a joy for life that is infectious and inspiring!” Cadbury’s website stated.

Among Lieutenant Dan’s competitors for the Cadbury Bunny title are a service dog named Dodger, a “quirky and whimsical no-drama llama,” a cat who lost the use of his legs due to meningitis, a miniature horse, and a duck named Dilly Bar Dabbler.

The owners of the no-drama llama, Conswala, told WHP in Harrisburg she was a semifinalist last year, but she has worked on her social skills and hopes to do better this time.

“She just wants everybody to know if you don’t meet your goals the first time, you’ve just got to try and try again,” Kris Benner said.

The winner of the contest will not only be the new spokes-animal for the popular candy brand, but they will also win $5,000.

You can vote for your favorite finalist daily on Cadbury’s website.