FOX47 NEWS - Made Around Town: Trek Bicycles

Jeff Angileri
Nov 5, 2007, 9:21 PM

There are few brands in the world that are recognized just by the company name.

In the world of bicycles- Trek is one of them
We have an incredible story of growth, says Trek's Mark Joslyn.

Since it's start in Waterloo Wisconsin over 30 years ago, Trek has produced millions of bikes under thousands of brands distributed across the globe.

But it was their involvement in the professional cycling world that blossomed their recognition.
One rider in particular..

We're very fortunate to be associated with Lance in particular really in all of his tour victories, Joslyn says.

Each of Lance Armstrong's Tour De France victories are proudly displayed on the walls of the Trek world headquarters in Waterloo.

Including each bike he used to win.
It's in this facility that bikes like Armstrong's and ones for the average consumers are made.

This is where we build the bikes for the team as well as for consumers. It's the same product and everything we learn about racing goes into the bikes we have available for consumers, says Joslyn.

There are over 200 parts to each bike built at Trek.
Once the raw materials arrive, they are filtered into the factory where they are matched and assembled.

Once the frames and forks of the bikes are completed,they head down to be painted and decaled.
It's here where the parts start to become recognizable.

It's a very delicate process and there is little room for error, these jobs aren't learned over night, Joslyn says.

After receiving the proper coat and labeling, the forks and frames are inspected before being added to other parts that will be shipped to treks other factory in Whitewater Wisconsin where they will be assembled.

Then they are shipped out to retail stores across the globe.
But even before the bikes come from the factory to the store, they start off as an idea.

Trek takes data from competitive races and consumer studies to make their bikes faster and more durable.

So here we're doing the design work, from the production we're also developing and building prototypes, some can test out different ideas as well as test out t he product, Joslyn says.

Now Trek is heading in a new direction.
With the fluctuating cost of gas, the company says people are biking less as a recreational activity and more as a mode of transportation.

So trek has been producing bikes that are more consumer friendly.
Really understand how people use bicycles all over the world and what are those different attributes that we want to develop and produce for people, Joslyn says.
But it's local impact is almost as big as it's global influence.

In fact the company employs more than 900 people in the state of Wisconsin.
And with an outdoor bike course and an with state of the art equipment indoor gym, the company shows it takes care of it's employees and Trek says that commitment pays off.

We have an incredible story of growth. We have been growing dramatically now for many years and we continue to do so. And it's important that we go after talent from all over to help us achieve those goals, Joslyn says.

Right now Trek is working on a global campaign encouraging riders who are traveling less than two miles away, to ride their bikes instead of driving.
Trek offers tours Wednesday and Friday mornings.

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