FOX47 NEWS - Dangerous Deliveries

Jeff Angileri
Dec 12, 2007, 10:45 PM

Post offices across the country are packed with people rushing to get packages out in time for the holidays, but the aftermath of five storms has added extra strain on postal workers in Madison.

Especially for carriers like Ted Jones.

Jones says he has been maneuvering through slush, ice and snow trying to get people their mail, but if residents don't clear the area around their mailboxes, he can't make the delivery.

If we can't get up to the box, technically we're suppose to bring it back, but we don't want to bring it back, we want to deliver it, Jones says.

The reason they don't make the drop is because they aren't allowed to. Carriers like Jones are on what's called mounted routes, where they make deliveries by driving up to mail boxes.

And if they can't reach your mailbox- you can't mail.

Management cannot allow carriers to hop out of the vehicle because it's not safe, says post office spokesperson Terri Bouffio.

Even if your mailman walks your mail up to your porch- if it's not shoveled, you're not getting your mail either. Bouffio says allowing postal workers to deliver in those conditions can put them at risk of injury.

It's not worth the broken ankle or fractured hip, says Bouffio.

Bouffio says carriers don't want to bring mail back because it means more work for another day.

Still she says they would rather be safe then sorry.

We're going to do our best, we're going to go there everyday, but if the box is not cleared out and we can't get close to it we just can't deliver, Bouffio says.

Bouffio says if residents are not able to clear out their mail boxes, they can rent a box at their nearest post office and pick up their mail there.

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