FOX47 NEWS - Citizens Protest Resort On The River

Jeff Angileri
Dec 20, 2007, 11:21 PM

During a DNR hearing tonight, many were wearing these bows.

They are part of a group called the concerned citizens of newport that is desperately trying to stop the construction of a 62-acre resort called The Grand Cambrian.

Their major issue with the project is it's location-which is on the eastern portion of the city near the river.

The condo development is going to tower over the river and it's going to cause a lot of boat traffic, says citizens group member Lance Ketterer.

Developers of the Grand Cambrian have already received approval from the city to build the resort.

Tonight they are stating their case for a permit that would allow them to escavate land and build by the river.

I'm very confident that we've worked with them on all their concerns and agreed to follow all their restrictions and worked closely with them for a number of years that they have no reason not to grant us the permit, says attorney Jeffrey Clark.

Now developers are trying to get the public's support.

Tonight they explained some of the restrictions they plan to protect the area, such as protecting indigenous trees and building 120-feet from the water.

I don't begrudge them for even being concerned and I hope they accept all the hard work we've been doing to be a good neighbor, Clark says.

The concerned citizens group is already suing the department of commerce on a permit granted last summer, and say they may have to file another lawsuit if the DNR grants this one.

The group says they just want to get their voices heard.

We're not look for a fight, but we want to say there are enough people who are going to put their foot down to not build on the bluffs, Ketterer says.

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