FOX47 NEWS - Post Christmas Shopping

Jeff Angileri
Dec 26, 2007, 10:36 PM

Christmas may be over, but at the West Towne Mall... It sure didn't look like it..

But among the ornaments and decorations were signs informing shoppers of major sales.

Jan Imhoff played the role of the ultimate last minute holiday shopper.

I still have to get some Christmas gifts for friends I still haven't seen and everyone needs a calendar and its a great deal at 50% off, Imhoff says.

Others spent the day exchanging gifts that were either too small or just not their style.

I got these pants at Banana Republic that are a little too small. Too much turkey, says shopper Kevin Huls.

We returned a winter coat. This is her new one, we bought a creme color coat and she didn't like it so we took it back, said Theresa Olson who was at the mall with her daughter Amanda.

A lot of people were taking advantage of all the slashed prices picking up various merchanise.

And many were paying with gift cards.

Whitney Dawe-Crahen calls herself a very picky person. So instead of giving her something she would most likely return, her parents gave her a gift card to pick out her own present.

It's been nice to get stuff I actually need and colors I actually like versus ugly colors that we get sometimes. I really don't like yellow and it's nice not to get something yellow, Dawe-Crahen says.

Now that the holidays are over.. many say it's nice to get something for themselves again.

It's nice to pamper yourself a little, says Dawe-Crahen.

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