FOX47 NEWS - Real Party Animals

Jeff Angileri
Dec 31, 2007, 11:26 PM

Families were walking with the animals, talking with the animals and over all partying with the animals Monday at the Henry Vilas Zoo.

6-year-old Abby Wicker was just one of many kids interacting with the birds, snakes and other creatures at the welcome center.

She was especially excited to see a bunny rabbit, which she says is her favorite animal.

I like it's nose, Wicker says.

12-year-old Devin Tucker got his hands on a hissing cockroach.

They're not as bad as people say, their feet are kinda prickly, Tucker says.

Like Devin, many of the guests say getting up-close and personal with their furry, scaly and feathery friends is their favorite part.

It's quite fun. You see all these animals and you get to touch them, says Max Stenklyft.

And many say it's better than what they would be doing to ring in the new year.

I'd probably be at home or at a friends house for a new years party, Stenklyft says.

Families also got a chance to feed the polar bears and make arts and crafts at the zoo.

And although many of these parents could have celebrated the new year with people their own age, they say spending the holiday with their kids was just as fun.

We could of went out or stayed in on a cold night but we wanted an adventure and we appreciate the city doing this, says parent Edgar Spalding.

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