FOX47 NEWS - Teacher's Assistant Arrested On Porn Charges

Jeff Angileri
Jan 3, 2008, 11:37 PM

Several weeks ago the Madison police department was tipped off by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement that 32-year-old Anthony Hirsch of Stoughton- was suspected of being involved in a major child porn ring.

This person was arrested, we executed a search warrant on his residence, we've seized computers from his residence, says police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

Hirsch is charged with one count of possessing child porn,

The Madison man is currently employed at Waunakee Middle School as an educational assistant for special education children.

District Superintendent Chuck Pursell says once they got word of the arrest, Hirsch was immediately put on unpaid leave.

We took immediate action to make sure the employee was not going to be engaged with children when they returned from break, Pursell says.

Pursell says before Hirsch started working at the school in September 2006,

He went through an extensive background check.

He says after re-checking their records- there was no indications that Hirsch was a danger to children.

We followed all the correct procedures. We did an extensive background research and nothing surfaced that would lead us to believe that there was any concern in placing this person in the presence of children, Pursell says.

This isn't the first assistant teacher in trouble with the law this school year.

Former Waunakee teachers aid Jacklyn Kaltenberg is charged with misdemeanors in connection with an underaged drinking party in October.

Pursell says even though both went through extensive back ground checks, their actions aren't something that could have been predicted.

This is an individual choice by individuals, would have I done it- no but it's not something someone could punch up on a background check, Pursell says.

Pursell says Hirsch was always under the supervision of another teacher at Waunakee Middle School.

He says the school district has been contacting parents of students who may have had contact with Hirsch in the past to let them know about the investigation,

And to assure them that their children's safety was never in jeopardy.

Madison police say investigators are looking through Hirsch's computer and say there could be more charges coming.

Hirsch also worked at Lafollette High School as an educational assistant.

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