FOX47 NEWS - Campaigning To Change Chase Laws

Jeff Angileri
Jan 8, 2008, 10:17 PM

Jonathan and Roberta Farris can't bear to look through family photo albums since their son was killed over the summer.

It's just so hard because you're not going to see them again, says Jonathan Farris.

Last May, an SUV being chased by police crashed into a taxi carrying Paul Farris and his girlfriend in the densely populated city of Somerville in Massachusetts.

Farris and the driver were killed.

Jon Farris got the early morning phone call no parent ever wants to get.

You hang up the phone...And.. you don't even know what to do, Farris.

Farris started researching law enforcement pursuit policies.

What he found was although Somerville had strict policies.. law enforcement across the country have their own policies.

According to the Madison police's pursuit policy:

Officers chasing a person committing a traffic violation shall discontinue when the pursuit creates unreasonable danger of death or bodily harm the officer, suspect or the public.

But that rule does not apply to other agencies like the State Patrol or Dane County Sheriff's - They have their own policies.

If you can't make it consistent then it really doesn't matter what the city has if someone comes in through the city doing a high speed chase, Farris says.

The family wants that to change. They are sending out a three minute DVD, telling their son's story along with a form letter for people to send to local law makers and law enforcement officials, asking them to change their policies and make them consistent across the board.

We want to make sure, if we can do anything to stop other people having to live through this nightmare.. then that's why it's important to engage with us, says Farris.

If you would like a copy of the DVD and letter, contact Jonathan Farris at:


Or call 612- 804-5868

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