FOX47 NEWS - Leaving The Armory

Jeff Angileri
Jan 9, 2008, 11:07 PM

Army medical units are moving out of the Truman Olson Army Reserve Center

And moving in with military branches in a federal effort to consolidate bases.

The government made the determination that the Truman ROTC actually is no longer needed and therefore will be a surplus federal property, says Matt Mikolajewski with the city's Business Improvement District.

Which means it's up to the city to find a new tenant.

In August, Madison's Community Development Authority sent out notices to several agencies who may be interested in the property- but according to federal law- two groups get priority

There are two particular groups that federal regulations require the city to accept notices from and those are homeless service providers and other eligible public entities such as schools, Mikolajewski says.

The city received four proposals- two who want to use the site for educational services and two from Goodwill and Porch Light who want to turn part of the property into a homeless shelter.

But who gets the bid depends on how it fits with the city's plan.

In 2006, the city passed a revitalization project for the area from Park to Fish Hatchery.

The city really calls for in that plan sort of improving this neighborhood and re-developing and certainly this is one of the first properties that has become available for that purpose, Mikolajewski says.

One of those proposals call for extending Cedar street through the armory to connect with Fish Hatchery.

Still whether or not a homeless shelter fits into the city's plan doesn't matter - because the sites current owner-the army- gets the final say.

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