FOX47 NEWS - Homeschooling Your Kids

Jeff Angileri
Jan 10, 2008, 11:15 PM

Since they were young, Christian and Georgina McKee have been able to learn what ever they wanted at their own pace.

And although reading came natural to Christian- Georgina didn't pick up the skill until she was eight.

We knew if we sat her down and forced her to read, we would have had a very unhappy child and probably a child who probably would think that she couldn't rather than she could, says mother Alison McKee.

It's called unschooling.

Mckee says unlike other home schooling methods- it gives children complete educational freedom.

We just realized he can lean anything if he was given the opportunity to do that, and the same was for our daughter. If she could learn anything she wanted and she doesn't need structure, McKee says.

But McKee says unlike what most people think, her kids weren't watching TV all day and eating ice cream for breakfast.

She says they still gave their kids guidance.

They have responsibility to the family... Responsibility for learning was theirs, McKee says.

And when it came to picking their careers, McKee left it up to them as well.

As kids, Christian and Georgina said they wanted to be things ranging from professional fly fisher to olympic swimmer.

They came around on their own.

As they live through what they want, for whatever reason they decided that they didn't want to and they dropped their interest, McKee says.

Georgina and christian have both graduated college.

She is an actress and he works for the Red Cross.

Mckee says unschooling was never a cake walk, but says her kids are prime examples the method works.

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